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Kelly Fisher

The former fiancée of Dodi Fayed broke down as she told how he "betrayed" her with Diana, Princess of Wales just days before they were supposed to get married.

Kelly Fisher, 39, a former supermodel who had lived with Mr Fayed for a year, said he had bought her a "huge" diamond and sapphire engagement ring and had told her he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

But as soon as he met the princess, he cruelly dropped her and stopped taking her calls, even though it was just days before the provisional date for their wedding, she claimed.

As Miss Fisher gave evidence into the death of the princess in London, she fought back tears as she told of her treatment.

"I felt very betrayed. It is humiliating to have to prove that someone wanted to marry you," she said.

"He did want to marry me. He told my family. He bought us a house to live in. He gave me a beautiful engagement ring.

"Why would I sit here 10 years later when I have a completely new life and lie about being engaged to someone.

"We were engaged and that is all there is to say about it."

She told how Mr Fayed did not formally break off the engagement and it was up to his father Mohamed to tell her the relationship was over and that she should never telephone again.

advertisementShe described Mohamed Fayed as being like a "monster".

The Fayed family have since denied that the pair were engaged.

Miss Fisher however, who had met Mr Fayed in 1996, while modelling for Calvin Klein and Georgio Armani, said he initially moved the relationship on very "quickly".

Within weeks she said he was buying her a gold cigarette lighter and Cartier watches and saying that he loved her and that he wanted to marry her.

Initially she resisted his advances, although she was already in love with him, because it was too early.

But after a trip to America together where he told her parents of his intentions she moved in with him at his Paris flat.

Even though she has some misgivings especially at the "dictator" like way he treated her staff and behaved like a "little boy" around his father, she agreed.

She said he formally bought her a ring and proposed at the Beverley Hills Hotel in February 1997 where an engagement party was held.

She said that he told her he had bought them a house in Malibu which they were live as man and wife and a provisional date of August 9 was set for the wedding.

But just days before the date approached Mr Fayed met the Princess in St Tropez where she was staying at the family home.

Kelly Fisher arrives to give evidence
Miss Fisher, who was staying in her home in Malibu at the time, discovered the relationship when it was reported in the newspapers.

She said: "It was 4 in the morning and a friend called me said 'Kelly there are pictures of Dodi and Diana everywhere'.

"I said no they are just friends and she said 'no, no they are seeing each other'. It's all in the newspapers and I didn't believe it.

"So I called Dodi on his various numbers but there were no answers."

When she couldnfiancéet get hold of Dodi she phoned Mohamed Fayed.

"He spoke to me in the most appalling manner, he was like a monster that night," she said.

"I have no doubt it was his intention to frighten me. Mohamed told me Dodi and I were over and I was to forget everything and never to telephone Park Lane again."

When she managed to get hold of Dodi on the phone he denied he was seeing Diana. But when she pressed him, he added: "We broke up two months ago remember. He kept saying we broke up, we broke up.

"I said Dodi what are you talking about? No two months ago we broke up, he said."

Asked if that made sense to her, she sarcastically replied: "I was going a little bit crazy and he did make a nice gesture to me and he told me if I wanted he would get me a psychiatrist which was really nice."

Seven days later she launched her lawsuit in the US and 17 days after that the crash happened.

After the crash she said to spoke to French police telling them he treated his staff like a dictator, even Trevor Rees-Jones his bodyguard.

"If they were going that fast in the car it wasn't the driver's fault because he could not let someone who worked for him do something without his OK," she said.

"This was a tragic accident. I'm 100 percent certain the driver would have been told how to drive.

"The driver if they were being pursued by paparazzi he would have been told by Dodi things like 'go faster and lose them'."

The inquest continues.

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